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  • Customized ERP Solutions

    Transform your business with our Malaysia-focused ERP solutions. Tailored to fit local business dynamics, our systems integrate operations seamlessly, fostering efficiency and growth in the Malaysian market.

  • Optimized Inventory Management

    Revolutionize inventory control with our software, designed for Malaysia’s market nuances. Gain superior stock clarity, optimize resources, and elevate productivity, all while cutting costs in the local business landscape.

  • Manufacturing Excellence with MES

    Advance your manufacturing with our system, crafted for Malaysia’s industrial sector. Achieve real-time control, smarter decision-making, and heightened efficiency, propelling your manufacturing to new heights in the Malaysian context

As Featured


The system helps us reduce a lot of paper work and increase traceability. Time and money invested in this project was well worth it

Mike Chan, General Manager of Inhesion Industrial (M) Sdn. Bhd.

SmartB was very good in helping us in our inventory tracking. Very happy with them

Azrin Irwan, Planning Manager of FEC Cables (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Sectors We Cover


We help manufacturers digitise their processes while moving towards Industry 4.0.


We help trading companies and distributors digitize their warehouse processes especially where they are dealing with volumes of records.


We help connect the dots from order management, pick, pack, and up till delivery. Making sure that every step counts.

Towards IR 4.0 for SMEs

Digital Transformation is a Journey. Our aim is to move SMEs towards this national goals. While the journey is a challenging one, it's an extremely rewarding one as well. At SmartB, we help you start with:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Start with Simple IoT
  • Use an Integrated System
  • Big Data / Analytics

A Data-Centric Growth

Our technology enables you to continuously evolve your services, so your customer experience moves at the same pace as your customer’s expectations.

Know that by doing so, your sales will grow faster then expected.

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Tech Engagement

During his tenure at Barclays Bank UK from 2008 to 2010, Alwin, the visionary behind SmartB, embarked on an innovative journey in automation, spearheading initiatives in workflow and task automation.

Now, Alwin extends a wide array of services ranging from consultancy to project management and system implementation, embodying the spirit of a technopreneur with a deep-seated passion for digital transformation. Explore how Alwin's expertise can revolutionize your digital strategy.

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