Are you looking to implement a barcode system in your business?

The fact that you are here, and reading this now, I hope you are.

Brief Introduction

Barcode systems and the usages of barcodes have been around for awhile now. In fact, it is used in most retail outlets and supermarkets for tracking and checking-out purposes. However, it’s hasn’t really been adopted by many small and medium companies. And that’s a shame.

If you’re running a small to medium size enterprise, this article is for you. There are several reasons why using inventory management software with barcodes will improve your daily operations and boost your bottom in the long run. And here are 6 reasons that you should know.

1. It is Simple

You don’t have to be an expert to use inventory tracking software. There is the misconception that an Excel spreadsheet is an easier route. Having to manually input the SKU number of hundreds of items daily is not an easy task.

When your inventory has a unique barcode label, you can recall associated data with one quick and simple scan, and you can add information to certain items in the inventory. Also, it allows you to view your inventory in real time and anytime with just one scan.

2. It is Cost Effective

Barcode offers extremely fast recognition and implementation of data. On top of that, it allows for automatic product identification across many industries. Although application complexity may vary, a barcode label costs just a few cents. Also, you can improve productivity, lower your overhead and cut down on labor and training time.

It can help to lower the costs of capital required to carry excess inventory since you know exactly what you have in stock and you can avoid ordering an abundance of anything. Inventory can also impact your taxes, so by knowing the exact amount of inventory in stock will allow you to make accurate deductions.

3. Barcode Technology is Available Now

We all know how fast technology advances and barcodes are not an exception. It is available now and anyone can implement it. The earlier you adopt a barcoded inventory management system for your business the better. Implementing the best inventory management practices and being proactive will save you time and money in the long run.

Many businesses wait until they face lost, missing, or damaged inventory before making the choice of taking inventory management serious. By this time it has cost them a lot of money. Not only will these steps help you to save money and time it can also help to improve customer satisfaction as well.

4. Barcodes Eliminate Error

Manually keying numbers or handwriting can be very tasking. There is an average of 10 errors made for every 1000 keystrokes made by a person. However, with a barcode scanner only one error is made for every 10,000 scans. When employees have to search for items that may be misplaced or out of stock it may cause errors in the front-end which may eventually mean delays in shipments. Beyond that, data mistakes can also cause overspending when you order too much inventory.

5. Barcodes Provide Security

There is no business that does not want to keep their items and customers safe. Barcode technology helps to prevent mix-ups and mistakes which can be an inconvenience to the end-user and harmful particularly in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Additionally, barcodes are fully auditable and traceable. This helps to promote peace of mind, theft deterrence, demonstrable reduction liability, and loss.

6. Inventory Tracking with Barcodes Save Time

Without a doubt, your employees will spend a lot of time writing down inventory. And physical searching for items in your warehouse to ship when the inventory in your warehouse is not organized with an automated system is extremely time consuming.


Don’t wait until you are faced with an inventory crisis before implementing dedicated inventory management software along with barcodes. Adopting the right barcode inventory management can help your business make more profits and function efficiently in the long run.