Barcoding, Scanning & Labeling

Cloud WMS, Inventory, Data Capture System / Barcode Inventory Solution / Barcoding

Print, Scan and Track. All from a single system.

Customized Labels

Create your own supply chain labels for ease of scanning and identification. Not only does SmartB's system read 1D, 2D and QR codes, we also generate them if required.

More importantly, all labels generated from our system forms part of our database management. (Read More)

Holographic QR Authentication Tracking

Secured & Reliable Scanning

Holographic Labels with Anti Tempering features
QR Labels with Online Authentication Platform
End User Verification
Brand Protection
Customisable Printing/Labeling
Integrated Warehouse Management System

In partnership with Packtica Sdn Bhd - A Leading Provider of Security Printing Technology

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