Are you a small to medium size business? Are you looking to see if a cloud based software can help you?

If yes, this article is for you?

Software that can utilize internet-based computing is often described as cloud-based software (read more here). Not many years ago, workers ran applications or programs from software that had been downloaded on physical computers or servers in their office environment. That meant that you had to invest, not only in the hardware, but also in a physical space.

With the birth of cloud solutions, now everyone on your team can access the same kinds of applications online – minus the hassle.

Naturally, more and more businesses are choosing to use cloud-based software. It offers your company many benefits, allowing you the best services for small and medium companies, and we’ll cover them below.

Here are some of the benefits you can reap when you select SmartB (your cloud-based software solution) for your company.

1. You can work from anywhere

When you use cloud computing, you can work anywhere there is a connection to the internet. Since most cloud services offer mobile applications, you can use most any device to access your data.

The result of this ease of access means that you may offer your employees more flexible work hours and a balance in their work and home life that is most suitable for them. And your company’s productivity will not suffer for the change.

2. Minimize your risk

Your small or medium company’s security risks are minimized when you use cloud-based software. You won’t have to worry about a lost laptop that had sensitive information on it, since the information is not stored on hard drives. In addition, Microsoft purports that most cloud based programs are inherently more secure than conventional IT platforms.

Cloud-based software programs offer increased productivity and security, without increasing the cost to your company. Adopting personal cloud services is fine for personal efficiency, but adopting small business cloud software is the safest, easiest way to give all your employees cloud functionality.

3. Automatic software updates

One of the pluses of cloud computing means the servers storing your data are off-premise. You don’t have to work with them or worry about them. Your supplier will take care of all that for you, and will roll out routine updates to software, most notably security updates, so you won’t be worried about ensuring security or maintaining your own system. This leaves you more time to grow your business.

4. Flexible costs

Using cloud-based software means that your costs are more flexible than they are when you use conventional methods. You can simply commission infrastructure and server capacity as you need it.

You can get more capacity during peak times and then lessen it when you don’t need it any longer, which makes cloud based software a great choice for small and medium sized businesses. Conventional computing requires you to purchase capacity that will always meet peak times, leaving it to sit idle when you don’t need as much capacity.

5. Increasing Productivity

Many cloud-based software programs allow for easy collaboration between management and employees. When you utilize a shared service, your teams can engage, collaborate and interact on projects within various areas of your business.

6. Minimizing Overhead

Since you can access your data and apps through a connection to the internet, rather than needing physical downloads, your programs are more affordable. In addition, you may be able to upgrade your software as your business grows, helping your budget.

7. Making your Business more Competitive

Moving your company’s data and applications to the cloud will give you and your employees access to top-quality technology. It will allow small and medium business managers to act more quickly than established, larger competitors.

With pay-as-you-go cloud software solutions, you can run even your small business like the bigger companies are run, leaving you nimble and lean. You can be more competitive with other businesses in your field, including larger ones.