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ABC Analysis Tool

You have a store, a warehouse or a combination of the both.

You’ve already invested in some sort of systems and you have the right people in place to implement and manage your system. However, you feel that you can still optimise your warehouse a little more and you know this relates more to strategy and planning (as oppose to systems or skills).

If yes to the above, then this short course is for you.

ABC Analysis is a tool to help you optimise your warehouse. It does it by helping you re-organise the location of your goods. More importantly, the reorganisation is based on mathematics, data and logic (as opposed to guesswork). Hence, it is something that will work no matter what type of warehouse you may have.

In this course, you will first understand the theory of the ABC tool (which you can probably find in many places online). Once we have that covered, we’ll dive into more complicated examples so that you can get a real grip and understanding of it.

Note: As this is a new course, I’m offering the first 100 sign ups my direct contact so that we can help optimise your warehouse immediately.


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Program Prerequisite: None.

  1. A PLANNING tool which you can use for any warehouse / storage
  2. Learn the concept of the ABC analysis
  3. Learn a tool to reduce long term warehouse operating cost
  4. Learn a tool to increase stock picking efficiency


  1. Warehouse owners/managers who wants to optimise your warehouse with better planning
  2. People who plan to start a logistics business
  3. People who wants to improve their skills in the warehousing / logistic sector.


  1. You get access to our teaching videos which you can access 24/7
  2. You get quiz or questions to further understand the tool
  3. You get a MS Excel worksheet so that you can work on optimising your warehouse.


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