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Technology is evolving everyday and the benefits of a cloud ERP are endless. We hope that, at the least, here are some

The Internet of Things involves connecting the internet to everyday items in order for them to send, receive and process data. This can lead to a decrease in production time, aid risk management and will save businesses valuable resources such as time and money.

We’ve even design custom dashboards to facilitate our customers who are moving in this direction.

This uses a network of remote servers to store, manage and process data. This can be very beneficial to businesses who can bring their own intelligence and knowledge to all sales situations as well as introduce faster new product development processes, releasing new products to market in shorter time periods.

All our databases are stored in Amazon’s servers.

We truly believe that mundane and administrative work can be automated at many levels. Hence, our duty and mission is to, not only digitize tasks for clients, but also to help them automate it as much as possible, and we hope to do this through all the tools that we have.

This enables big and small businesses to grow in which ever ways that they should and to focus on their own value proposition.

Each customer have different processes and most are doing as best as they can. While you digitize your business, it is given that your processes needs to improve further before your system can take off.

All clients using our system, directly and indirectly, benefits from business process re-engineering. The benefits are usually intangible and they are a few times of their investment.

Our 3 Pillars of Services

Software Options

Finding The Best Of The Best

Business Software

  • All-in-one management software
  • Customizable modules and features
  • Tracks from Sales to Accounts and to Delivery
  • Dedicated support team
  • Accounting Automation
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Manufacturing Software

  • All-in-one manufacturing management software
  • Customizable modules and features
  • Tracks from Sales to Production and to Delivery
  • Dedicated support team
  • Lead Time Forecast Capabilities
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Inventory Tracking Software

  • Suitable for both complex and simple stock tracking
  • Stock monitoring with alerts system
  • Flexible (Ability to add additional modules)
  • Multiple Locations / Warehouses
  • Stock Movement through Mobile Apps (Custom)
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Design & Build Custom System

  • Design & Build your own ERP system
  • We have experiences in both complex and demanding systems
  • Mobile Application available
  • Dedicated support team to solve any problems
  • Real Time Update even with 100 Stores
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Project Use Cases

In order to understand what we can do, it's useful to understand what we have done in the past.

Read more to find out.

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Customers love our system for different reasons...

  • Satheesh Kumar - Group Information Technology Manager, AGX Logistics
    Satheesh Kumar - Group Information Technology Manager, AGX Logistics - It was a pleasure to work with SmartB. The system is easy to use and the project went well as the implementation was quick and smooth.

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