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Imagine Having ONE Solution That Does It All

An All-In-One Store Software

A Full Suite Management Software

Simplify and Automate Your Business

  • POS for Sales and Cash Management
  • Tracks Stock Sold Automatically
  • Updates Accounting Automatically
  • Notification for Zero or Low Stock Balance
  • Manage Stock SKU Conversions
  • Multiple Stores Management
  • Auto Calculate Credit Card Charges

"Competitive advantage comes not from systems, but from doing something better than competitors."

- Thomas Davenport, Author of "Realizing the Promise of Enterprise Systems"

Everything You Need In One Location

We Aim to Provide Everything that You Need. Or We'll Built it At a Reasonable Cost.

Where We Cover

Our Consultants And Systems Are Specialised In These Industries

  • Distribution

    We help distributors digitize their processes especially where they are dealing with volumes of transactions and records. Once completed, you will never lose track again.

  • Retail

    Fully integrated with our POS, you can always track your sales while knowing that you have enough goods to sell in real time. Manage 1 to 100 stores whenever you want, scaling is easy.

Customers love our system for different reasons...

  • Satheesh Kumar - Group Information Technology Manager, AGX Logistics
    Satheesh Kumar - Group Information Technology Manager, AGX Logistics - It was a pleasure to work with SmartB. The system is easy to use and the project went well as the implementation was quick and smooth.

We Customise for Specific ProjectProcessOperation

Print, Scan & Track

You Imagine, We Build

  • Highly Customizable System
  • Print Customised Labels
  • Suitable for 1D, 2D or QR Barcodes
  • Fits into Your Existing Processes
  • Touch Screen Terminals, Mobile Computers, Androids and more
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We Combine Our Solutions with

"How you gather, manage, and use information will determine whether you win or lose."

- Bill Gates, Microsoft

Secured Cloud Storage

SmartB's data is stored using Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3). This means:

  • Hosted on the world's No.1 cloud infrastructure, Amazon Web Services.
  • Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and banks
  • Access your database from anywhere with your account
  • Amazon S3 is designed for 99.999999999% (11 9's) of durability

Our Clients Picked Us Because...

  • Growth Focus

    Growth is the driving reason why you invest in technology. Hence, growing your business is our primary focus when working with you.

  • Customizable

    Business climate changes all the time and we need to be ready for them. Pick a system that is flexible and outgrow your competitors.

  • Cash Flow Friendly

    Lower your initial capital and manage your cash flow better. That also means, better risk management and better scalability.

  • Better Sales Results

    Never forget any Sales Lead, Track Sales Conversion and Follow up on sales orders. Grow sales with no extra effort.

  • Better Stock Control

    Digitizing your stock documents as well as better visibility of your stock movements means taking control of your stock.

  • Dedicated Support

    We have a dedicated team to support the implementation of the project from the start. The team will be available everyday during that period.

"We are capable of tracking extremely complex stocks. It's something that not even the big software providers can do."

- Alwin Ng, Founder of SmartB Solutions

Digitize & Automate Your Stock MovementBatch TrackingFIFO CalculationProduct Mix

Digitize, Control & Grow

A multi-faceted software to manage your business efficiently

  • Access the System Any Where & Any Time
  • Track Sales, Production & Delivery Easily
  • Never run out of Raw Material & WIP Stock
  • Identify Problems Much Earlier
  • Increase Efficiency & Productivity with Data
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Other Reasons Why You'd Pick SmartB

  • Ease of Use

    We constantly find ways to automate your work and we make that our system is easy to operate. If not, we’ll automate it further.

  • Motivated Workforce

    More automation means less mundane work, that leads to a more motivated worksforce as they perform more value added work.

  • On-Going Support

    We are always available via email even after “go-live” and we usually reply within a few hours (might be a bit longer if we’re extremely busy).

  • 50% Cost Savings

    If you are new to ERP, we are confident that you can achieve 50% (or more) cost savings in long-term administrative expenses.

  • Business Intelligence & Dashboards

    Access data the smart way through visual and numerical data. Making business decisions becomes more intelligent.

  • Automated Control & Triggers

    Business decisions can be automated and they can be done based on controls & triggers that are pre-defined.

Need a Standard Package?
Or Prefer a Custom Solution?

Either Way is Perfect.

Because Our Standard Features are Growing and our Custom Solutions are Affordable.

  • Process Flow Design

    We have designed 100s of processes and we will continue to do it for your project, no matter how easy or complex it may be.

  • System Integration

    We believe in the Internet of Things and we’ll be open to discuss any form of integration that you may need.

  • 100% Satisfactory

    Once commissioned, and based on the initial requirement, we promise to deliver beyond satisfactory results.

"You cannot wait until a house burns down to buy fire insurance on it. We cannot wait until there are massive dislocations in our society to prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution."

- Robert J. Shiller, Nobel Prize Winner

Our Pricing

Start Building Your ERP Sytem Today And
Bring Your Business To The Next Level

Our ERP includes a wide range of leading features to help increase work-flow automation that generates time and money savings

Starter Pack
Getting Started

10 Users For All Modules

  • Add-on: RM 70 / user
Growth Pack
Growth Package

50 Users For All Modules

  • Add-on: RM 60 / user

Note: Minimum contract period is 12 months. Prices above does NOT include the initial set up cost which can vary case by case. Prices only valid till 31 Dec 2019. See FAQ below for more questions.

All Prices Include

  • Continuous Maintenance & Upgrades

    We continuously upgrade our system to ensure that it’s working with new features in your Windows OS.

  • Create Unlimited Transactions

    We do not limit how many sales, purchase, stock, finance or production transactions that you create in your business.

  • Support from Our Friendly Team

    Our support team are on hand via email to help you with any issues you have getting up and running with SmartB.

See T&Cs

Terms & Conditions:

  • Minimum subscription contract is 12 months.
  • Prices quoted above are for monthly price plans.
  • Prices are fixed based on contract.
  • Prices include support and maintenance for the modules that you are subscribed to and is active.


  • Subscription are paid in advance on a quarterly basis.
  • Business owners need to submit their SSM business registration before they can start.
  • Current promotion/prices are valid until 31st Dec 2019 only.

Our Clients

Wait.. There's More To It...

Access Our World Class Online Academy

Learn More, Maximize Our System

  • 24/7 Access

    Our premium membership site allows you to have 24 hours 7 days per week access. That means you get to manage your own time.

  • Continuous Learning

    Our courses are constantly growing as we build new features. We believe in consistent growth along with continuous learning.

  • Suggestions & Feedback

    When you grow, we grow together. Hence, your feedback is extremely valuable to us. We have a dedicated section for new features.

Our Membership Site

Learning As You Grow

Master your business as you master our system.

  • 200+ Videos, Instructions & Shortcuts
  • Unlimited repeats until you are confident
  • Great for new hires and onboarding
  • Arranged systematically for easy search
  • Quiz for additional tips & tricks

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SmartB Compared to Other Providers?

Our aim is to provide a complete solution that’s easy to use. Because SmartB was initially built on the OpenERP platform, and we use Phyton and JavaScript as our core programming language, it means, that our system is world class.

Hence, while we are able to provide a highly customisable solution (even at an enterprise level) and it would not damage your wallet. Combined with the operational experiences that our consultant has, we focus a lot on the operational flow of your business which will ensure that all activities within the process are captured.

How Long Does It Take To Setup SmartB?

Typical setup times vary based on a number of factors, such as any current systems you’re migrating from, current state of your operations and what specific features of SmartB you will use. Our team will work with you to identify what needs to be done, and assist you as you setup.

Typical setup time is about 2-3 months. This can be longer if you are a large enterprise or depending on what you need to do with your team to get up and running.

How Much is the Initial Set Up Fee?

This would vary on a case by case basis.

We’ve have had customers who uses just the inventory module and the set up fee was RM25,000 only. We also have manufacturing customers who had a much larger scope and that set up fee was more than RM300,000.

Is Training Included in the Subscription?

No, there is a separate training fee. The number of training days required is based on the modules that you subscribed to.

How Do You Usually Calculate the Set Up Fees?

All initial work is calculated based on labour fee of RM2000 per day. The number of days would vary pending on the work required. This would vary for international clients.

Can SmartB Support International Customers?

Yes, as our system is on cloud, as long as you have internet and is able to access our system, we will support you remotely.

Do You Offer a Free Trial?

We do not offer a free trial. We did a few years ago and quickly learned that it did not help us focus on the people who are really serious about evaluating a solution. When you signup, you gain access to the full on-boarding process and resources of a dedicated support team and account advocate. The team works with you directly to get you setup and running. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee that if you decide in the first 30 days that SmartB is not for you, you get your money back.

Can I Manage Multiple Companies and Warehouses?

Yes. You can create as many companies and warehouses as you want. SmartB lets you:

– Use different locations for shipping and returns management.

– Create and receive inventory transfers between warehouses.

However, there are additional fees for these options.

What Is The Setup Process?

Getting started with SmartB is easy. Once you’ve reviewed the prices, we required a deposit. We will also required all the required information from you so that we can get started. Typically, this involves the documents that you need to digitize and etc. Our consultants will also meet up with you to varify the processes one more time before everything gets kicke off.

Pending on when these are done, and pending on any existing projects happening at that point in time, the starting time may vary.

How Much Does SmartB Cost?

We’re not fans of making things complicated, and that includes pricing. Here’s a simple list of the associated costs when using SmartB.

– SmartB charges per user account, with plans starting at RM799 per month. View the plans to view options.

– The cost of any hardware such as printers, scanners and mobile devices. We do have our regular vendors but you’re welcome to find your own if you need your own devices. Having said that, if the device requires additional work to integrate, there will be a fee associated to it as well.

– Additional users over the allotted users in your plan, each additional user is RM70 per month (pending on your package). For example, if you’re subscribed to Starter Plan, which includes 10 users and you add a 11th user, the price will be RM869 (RM70 per month per additional user).

– You can have as many transactions as you want at no additional cost.

– You can have as many internal locations (as long as they are in the same physical address) as you want at no additional cost.

– You can process as many orders as you want at no additional cost.

– Each additional warehouse is RM200 per month.

– Each additional registered company is RM200 per month.

– There is a setup fee for setting up the system, migrating existing data and training, as we dedicate additional resources for these types of activities.

Do You Provide Onsite Training & Setup?

Yes. The SmartB solutions team can work with you to determine and plan a more extensive implementation approach, with the option of online training and on-site facility setup and training. To understand more of those options and to see what could work for you, please call us for details. Our contact can be found here.

Is There a Minimum Contract Period to the Subscription?

For now, the minimum contract period is 12 months. We may reduce this in the future. Stay tuned.

Can I Cancel the Subscription Half Way Through the Contract?

No, all subscription is based on 12 months basis.

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