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  • Better Stock Control

    Digitizing your stock documents as well as better visibility of your stock movements means taking control of your stock.

  • Accurate Inventory Tracking

    Businesses can track their inventory in real-time. They can monitor stock levels, locations, and movement, enabling better visibility over their inventory.

  • Cost Savings

    By avoiding stockouts and overstocking, businesses reduce holding costs and minimize the risk of obsolete or expired inventory.

  • Easy to Use

    We constantly find ways to automate your work and we make that our system is easy to operate. If not, we’ll automate it further.

  • Scalability

    As companies expand, the software can handle increased inventory volumes, multiple locations, and complex supply chain requirements.

  • On-Going Support

    We are always available via email even after “go-live” and we usually reply within a few hours (might be a bit longer if we’re extremely busy).

Our Customizable and Future-Ready Inventory Software simplifies your inventory operations, providing real-time visibility, reducing costs, and ensuring accurate stock levels, all tailored to your unique business needs. Focus on growing your business, while we handle your inventory headaches.

CEO & Founder, Alwin Ng

Everything You Need for Traceability

We Aim to Provide Everything that You Need. So That You'll Have A One-Stop-Solution.

  • Inventory Tracking

    Accurate and real-time tracking of inventory levels, locations, and movements.

  • Barcode Scanning

    Scan 1D, 2D and QR Barcodes to help you expedite inventory management and reduce errors.

  • Batch and Serial No Tracking

    Ability to track and trace inventory items by batch or serial numbers for quality control or recall purposes.

  • Stock Control

    Centralized control over stock levels, including automated reorder points, low-stock notifications, and backorder management.

  • Product Categorization

    Organize inventory into categories, subcategories, or product attributes for easy searching and filtering.

  • Mobile Inventory

    Mobile-friendly interface or dedicated mobile app to manage inventory on the go or perform stock audits.

  • Sales Order Management

    Streamlined creation, processing, and tracking of sales orders, with integration to inventory levels and customer information.

  • Ecommerce

    Shopee, Lazada and more. We are integrated with some E-Commerce platforms already.

  • Purchase Order Management

    Efficient creation, tracking, and management of purchase orders, including vendor information and delivery tracking.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Robust reporting capabilities to analyze inventory data, including sales trends, stock turnover, and profitability.

  • User Permissions and Security

    Role-based access control to restrict access to sensitive inventory data and maintain data integrity.

  • Scalability

    Ability to accommodate growing inventory volumes and support additional features as your business expands.

  • Multi-location Management

    Support for managing inventory across multiple warehouses, stores, or distribution centers.

  • Integration with Other Systems

    Ability to integrate with other business systems like accounting, manufacturing, or CRM for data synchronization and process automation.

  • Customization and Configurability

    Flexibility to customize fields, workflows, and notifications to align with your specific inventory management needs.

The system helps us reduce a lot of paper work and increase traceability. Time and money invested in this project was well worth it

Mike Chan, General Manager of Inhesion Industrial (M) Sdn. Bhd.

SmartB was very good in helping us in our inventory tracking. Very happy with them

Azrin Irwan, Planning Manager of FEC Cables (M) Sdn. Bhd.

As Featured



Track 4 Types of Inventory

  • Standard Inventory: Standard inventory refers to the inventory that comes with a single barcode number and is tracked in quantities.
  • Serial Inventory: Serial numbers are generally unique numbers that identify a specific item of a given type - similar to a car registration.
  • Serial with Information: Similar to serial, but in this case, there is information (e.g. quantity, expiry, manufacturing material) attached to each serial number.
  • Batch/ Lot Inventory: A bundle or quantity of items typically produced within a single production run that are given a unique # and, usually, expiration date.

Mobile Tracking

When paired with smart devices, our system becomes even more powerful. Features could include:

  • Stock Movement Update Any Where
  • Operate Anywhere (with Internet)
  • Add Photos Easily for Audit or Control
  • Lower Cost of Implementation

Unleash Creativity with Ease

Transform the way your operations team interacts with data through SmartB's cutting-edge, drag-and-drop dashboard builder.

Our intuitive design module empowers you to craft bespoke User Interfaces with such simplicity, it feels like second nature. Imagine the freedom to tailor your digital workspace to your exact needs – with SmartB, it's not just possible, it's effortlessly achievable.

Elevate your team's efficiency with dashboards that are not only user-friendly but a delight to use.

Customized Labels

Create your own supply chain labels for ease of scanning and identification. Not only does SmartB's system read 1D, 2D and QR codes, we also generate them if required.

More importantly, all labels generated from our system forms part of our database management.

Inventory Analytics / Dashboard

SmartB integrates with Market Leaders in create powerful Dashboards for our customers. Without a doubt, critical decisions should be made based on facts and not guesstimates.

Hence, having data at your fingertips means having the tools to make real decisions.

Secured Cloud Storage

SmartB's data is stored using Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3). This means:

  • Hosted on the world's No.1 cloud infrastructure, Amazon Web Services.
  • Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and banks
  • Access your database from anywhere with your account
  • Amazon S3 is designed for 99.999999999% (11 9's) of durability

Machine Learning Meets Inventory

At SmartB, we combine the latest technology to help clients grow. Now, product or item identification can now be done using image recognition solutions. That means, no barcode is required any more. More than that, different data can now be collected where it was impossible before this.

Hear What Our Clients' Say

Customers love our system for different reasons...

  • Satheesh Kumar - Group Information Technology Manager, AGX Logistics
    Satheesh Kumar - Group Information Technology Manager, AGX Logistics - It was a pleasure to work with SmartB. The system is easy to use and the project went well as the implementation was quick and smooth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does SmartB Compared to Other Providers?

Our aim is to provide a complete solution that’s easy to use. We offer not just the technical support, we also offer project management and consultative solutions for those who needs the extra help.

Hence, while we are able to provide a highly customisable solution (even at an enterprise level), it would not damage your wallet. Combined with the operational experiences that our consultant has, we focus a lot on the operational flow of your business which will ensure that all activities within the process are captured.

How Long Does It Take To Setup SmartB?

Typical setup times vary based on a number of factors, such as any current systems you’re migrating from, current state of your operations and what specific features of SmartB you will use. Our team will work with you to identify what needs to be done, and assist you as you setup.

Typical setup time is about 2-3 months. This can be longer if you are a large enterprise or depending on what you need to do with your team to get up and running.

What Is The Setup Process?

Getting started with SmartB is easy. The first thing we need from you is the full project requirements. We’ll then prepare a proposal, and once you’ve reviewed it, we’ll require a deposit to start. Our consultants will also meet with you to verify the processes one more time before everything kicks off.

Pending on when these are done, and pending on any existing projects happening at that point in time, the starting time may vary.

Is Training Included in the Subscription?

Yes, the online training is completely free. However, there is a separate training fee for classroom training.

Do You Provide Onsite Training & Setup?

Yes. The SmartB solutions team can work with you to determine and plan a more extensive implementation approach, with the option of online training and on-site facility setup and training. To understand more of those options and to see what could work for you, please call us for details. Our contact can be found here.

Can I Manage Multiple Companies and Warehouses?

Yes. You can create as many companies and warehouses as you want. SmartB lets you:

– Use different locations for shipping and returns management.

– Create and receive inventory transfers between warehouses.

However, there are additional fees for these options.

Can SmartB Support International Customers?

Yes, as our system is on cloud, as long as you have internet and is able to access our system, we will support you remotely.

Is There a Minimum Contract Period to the Subscription?

For now, the minimum contract period is 12 months. We may reduce this in the future. Stay tuned.

Can I Cancel the Subscription Half Way Through the Contract?

No, all subscription is based on 12 months basis.

You have more questions? I'm sure you do. Request a call back and we can meet you for a 30 min demo.