Successful implementation of ERP solutions will help you to more easily manage your human resources tasks. They extend the functions of human resources from simple personnel management and compensation calculation to fields that include:

  • HR planning
  • Compensation management
  • Performance management
  • Time management
  • Training management
  • Recruitment management

Data from all of your function systems is collected in a central database, which supplies data for all systems included, by the integration method.

Recruitment Management

Recruitment is a large investment for your company, since human resources are your foundational assets. To keep your advantages in the area of competition, your HR department needs a reasonable recruitment system that selects proper talents for your company.

ERP solutions support the management of recruiting in three ways. They provide vital information for your decision making in recruitment management. They offer you scientific management for the cost of recruitment. They also optimize your process of recruiting, so your workload in this area is reduced.

Human Resource Planning

Based on your company requirements, you or your HR manager can use an ERP system’s HRM module in order to establish more convenient human resource planning. The ERP solution will assist managers’ decision making, as it simulates human resource planning performance and compares the data. In addition, ERP systems can forecast or analyze the planning costs associated with HR by integrating all relevant information.

Effective Time Management

Time management is helpful in supporting the management, planning and controlling processes of Human Resources. It arranges time tables for your staff and company, flexibly based on your local company calendar. Your ERP system is capable of recording attendance rates and other pertinent information.

Profitable Training Management

Multi-skill training involves process improvement skills, providing long-term security of your employees’ work life. Implementing ERP can assist you in training employees in business, technical and interpersonal skills needed to become positive members in team development.

In other stages of team development, ERP systems can lend support to HR departments to make proper training plans, to train your team members so that they will readily adapt to improved management and new skills.

Performance Management

Evaluation of employees’ performance considers several issues:

  • The variance of facilitative content of tasks in your organization
  • Operational and facilitative activities allocated to people within your organization

Your human resources department can help in establishing an evaluation index system, while considering these issues.

When you integrate the time management system and performance management system, your ERP solution can record data in one central database and keep the pertinent data timely for every evaluation index. This date is useful to your managers making decisions on your company strategies.

As Information Technologies (IT) develop even more fully, you will see more companies choosing to adopt ERP solutions. ERP has the ability to extend conventional human resource functions a great deal, and can heighten the importance of the human resource department in your company.

If your company implements ERP, you will be taking a step towards perfecting HR functions, to raise your success rate and enhance your company’s management level. The information provided here can be helpful if you want to improve your current ERP implementation.