Robotic Process Automation

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What is RPA?

A Super Assistant That You've Been Waiting For

RPA Is A TOOL With Many Names

  • Robot Assistant

    Short for ‘bot’. Takes over standard and repetitive tasks that are carried out by humans (on computers).

  • Virtual Worker

    RPA is not a physical machine. It is software which acts as a virtual (co-) worker in the support of processes.

  • Software Tasker

    The robot software assists with basic tasks and, as such, reduces the time and cost spent on processes.

Invoice Processing

RPA can be applied in big or small organisations. Save time and increase accuracy.

Line of Credit

Improve efficiency and see how credit processing can be automated using RPA.

Why Invest in RPA

Automation that Brings the MOST Benefits

  • Repetitive Tasks

    Repetitive Tasks where employees are mostly transferring or consolidating data between systems (ERP, CRM, Accounting)

  • Making Up Reports

    Making Up Reports by searching and analysing data from different sources and organising them in user-friendly templates e.g. finance, KPIs etc

  • Building Interfaces

    Building Interfaces between non-connected systems, e.g. transferring a team’s order from the warehouse to the transport management software.

  • Fast Information

    Fast information gathering e.g. call centres where a robot can assist in searching quickly through different systems

  • Checking Massive Data

    Checking Massive amount of data for anomalies systems, leaving exceptions to be treated by humans e.g. legal, HR, web search

  • Data Conversion

    Data Conversion when launching new systems or integrating activities e.g. from CSV to Websites

Who Is Using RPA

Learn How RPA is Revolutionizing the Industry

Insurance Sector

Supply Chain Sector

Banking Sector

Finance Sector (In Mandarin)

Embrace The POWER of Automation...
Now Everyone Can Automate...

  • Get Done Faster

    RPA is relatively new. Hence, the opportunities to automate is untapped.

    Engage us where we will give you hands-on guidance to learn and make your work life easier, more relax and more productive.

  • Real Results

    This is a real automation. That means, you will be working on REAL projects or tasks from your business only.

    Once completed, expect to see instant results as you can relate them to your workplace.

  • ROI Guaranteed

    We will walk with you to understand your requirements. And that’s before we create YOUR OWN automation files or processes.

    If done properly, we guarantee real time savings. And hence, your ROI.

How We Work

Understand the Implementation Process

  • 1

    Step 1: Process Review

    We review and understand your tasks in details. This means, we will work closely with the operational team to understand the end-to-end data flow.

  • 2

    Step 2: Process Design & Implement

    We would ask clarifying questions to ensure that we have the process flow mapped out correctly. If all information is correct, we’ll start to build the Bots.

  • 3

    Step 3: Test Run

    We’ll implement the “Bots”, either in your premise or in a virtual environment. This is to ensure that the outcome matches with your expectation.

  • 4

    Step 4: Post Delivery Support

    The “Bots” will do it’s own thing. Pending on the requirements, we can offer you a Virtual RPA manager service, or we will be there for next 2 months in the event you need any immediate support.

Feel free to contact us for further clarification of RPA and it capabilities.

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Our Clients Picked Us Because...

In 2008-2010, when Alwin (Founder of SmartB) was working in Barclays Bank UK, he already started his automation journey by empowering his immediate team to deliver automation through MS Excel.

in 2018, Alwin was a guest speaker at the IBM Digital Workplace workshop (pic on left - click link to see more pictures) sharing his knowledge and experience in RPA. Alwin is a Technopreeur and he is very passionate about work / task automation.


  • Growth Focus

    Growth is the driving reason why you invest in technology. Hence, growing your business is our primary focus when working with you.

  • Dedicated Support

    We have a dedicated team to support the implementation of the project from the start. The team will be available everyday during that period.

  • Cash Flow Friendly

    Lower your initial capital and manage your cash flow better. That also means, better risk management and better scalability.

"The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency."

- Bill Gates

Business Process Management

Reading this now means you are probably open to change and may be open to review your existing process, right? I’m sure you are. Hence, for each customer, we need to:

  • Review your business process
  • Evaluate the usefulness of the process
  • Challenge the controls of the process
  • Evaluate alternatives based on latest available technology
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Other Reasons Why You'd Pick SmartB

  • Ease of Use

    We constantly find ways to automate your work and we make that our system is easy to operate. If not, we’ll automate it further.

  • Motivated Workforce

    More automation means less mundane work, that leads to a more motivated worksforce as they perform more value added work.

  • On-Going Support

    We are always available via email even after “go-live” and we usually reply within a few hours (might be a bit longer if we’re extremely busy).

"How you gather, manage, and use information will determine whether you win or lose."

- Bill Gates, Microsoft

Customers love our system for different reasons...

  • Satheesh Kumar - Group Information Technology Manager, AGX Logistics
    Satheesh Kumar - Group Information Technology Manager, AGX Logistics - It was a pleasure to work with SmartB. The system is easy to use and the project went well as the implementation was quick and smooth.

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