What are Robotic Engineers?

Before we get into the main content, let’s start with some details introduction of Robotic Engineers.

In simple words, Robotic Engineers are the ones who build robots, or sometimes referred to as robotics.

Robotics has been existed for many years and only started to grow rapidly since the 2th century, as fully automated robotics only appeared after the second half of the century. As artificial intelligent starts to appear and become more common, this is an indication that robotic engineers will be become higher in demand as well, or at least most definitely in the next decade.

Robotic Engineers are also known as behind-the-scene designer. They are the ones who created robots and its system that could possibly fulfil our wants. More importantly, robots are the ones that will complete tasks better than us or those we could not perform. Hence, the need for robotic engineers.

Robotics is an interdisciplinary part of building and science that incorporates mechanical designing, electronic building, data designing, software engineering, and others. Mechanical technology manages the structure, development, activity, and utilization of robots, just as PC frameworks for their control, tangible criticism, and data preparing.

They look into robotic designs and research techniques to produce products or materials in a financially savvy way. A robot is a re-programmable, multi useful controller intended to move material, parts, tools or specific gadgets through various programmed actions for specific tasks. The usual knowledge base for them are such as modeling investigation on Feedback control–Sensors and sign molding Actuators (muscles) and also Electronic Gadgets-Hardware/PC interfacing–Computer programming.

Robotic Engineers’ job and Workplace

Most of them will invest most of their energy structuring the plans expected to build robots. They also structure the procedures fundamental for the robot to run effectively. A portion of these experts are likewise responsible to designs machines that helps put the robots together. Robotics engineers will be using some software that assist them in their work such as designing the robots or machines with CADD(computer-aided-design) and other different tools for different purposes.

Usually a robotic engineer will spend their time both in office, factories and lab depending on their tasks. In the office, they would be designing robots, system or even machines and which also includes making reports from time to time. While in the factories or plants, they will be managing and maintaining machines and robots. As in the lab it is obvious for them to run some test and building prototypes that they have designed as an improvement of a products or a totally new one.

Famous Engineers that lead to current advance Robotic Engineering

There are a lot of engineers who have brought contributions to the society and also mankind.

First of all, the father of robotics, Joseph Engelberger, he is the one who are responsible for the birth of robotics industry. He developed the first industrial robot In United States. Since then the era of robotics started to rise, more and more robots were then developed to enhance the lifestyle of mankind and increase the efficiency of productions.

Next, Marvin Minsky one of the founders of Artificial Intelligent. His interest to discover the human thoughts have led he and his partner to work on the Artificial Intelligent Project that along the way A.I was found. His work would help characterize the field of AI and established the foundations for the advanced blast in the improvement of A.I. robots.

Without their amazing discovery it would be a lot different in our current society and mankind would not have grown this rapidly. For examples, within the smartphones that we used involved A.I. such as assistance like Siri from Apple, the newsfeed generated on your social media are all A.I. related.

Why is robotic and A.I important in the future?

In the future, there’s absolutely no doubt that robotics and A.I. will be growing drastically. Even in these recent years, people are utilizing both robots and A.I. on every industry. Human labors are being replaced by robots for work task such as waiters, receptionist, cashiers, and workers who are working on the similar daily tasks. Performing tasks that human cannot or more precise such as medical operations, calculations and so on.

On the meantime, new job and roles will definitely be created and robotic engineers is one of them. As the industry starts to implement robots and A.I., the need of creating suitable systems and periodic inspection on robots or machines will also increase.

However, most of the people have not yet embrace these technologies and what can be done by them. Some afraid that they will lose their job, some think that robots will conquer the world over mankind. But we can’t turn back no more because we are afraid of being taken over but to move forward, and make the most out of it.

Hence, robotic engineers are one of the most important roles in the future that will create, invent and discover ideas or things that will benefits our society and mother nature.