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Amazon was the first company to create a 1-click ordering. Today, their retail outlets does not even have a counter.
How about you? What are you doing to automate your business today?

Alwin Ng - Founder of SmartB

Our Story

SmartB, which means Smart Business, is a multidisciplinary solution provider that specialises in Digital Transformation.

We strive to provide end-to-end solutions that meet most of your needs. Today, our offering includes:

  • An In-house Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution
  • System & Digital Process consultancy
  • Process & Task Automation solutions

SmartB is the brand name registered under SmartB Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (1240771-A) - a Private Limited company registered in Malaysia.

About Alwin / Founder

Our Mission & Vision

Our duty and mission as a technology company is to help clients excel.

At the same time, our vision is to be:

  • To be the most wanted business software in ASEAN
  • To have the most wanted employer
  • To be a technology hub in Malaysia

Our mantra is "Empowering Your Growth". This is just a reminder to ourselves that, as a solution provider, we aim to provide solutions to help you (our clients) grow.

Our Commitment

At SmartB, we are committed to first understanding your business needs.

Once your requirements are clear and we've agreed on the deliverable, we make it happen. We have delivered our promises in the past and we will continue to deliver the same promise in the future.

What We Offer

We help clients digitize their complex business processes, making it easy to manage. At the same time, we also specialize in complex stock movements especially in the manufacturing and retail sector.

Through our digital engineers, we aim to help clients reduce at least 50% of “wastage” while doubling your productivity.

Why Are We Different?

We're not really different from our competitors. We're just leaner and faster in doing what others do, while being gentler to your 'wallet' even when there's lots of customization.

SmartB’s ability to combine a traditional solution (ERP) with cloud means we are also able to cater to a large customer base. Our focus is to configure our products to fit customer needs and industries of all sizes. We aim to be a leading provider of cloud services that facilitates process automation, not just in Malaysia, but throughout Asia.

We aim to keep up the momentum of making businesses simpler, user-friendly and automated. With a customer-centric approach, our aim is to help enterprises and businesses thrive.

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