Many manufacturers who have been using ERP are now seeing the benefits of cloud based ERP solutions too. While some are cautious in jumping into it, they know that it offers results that can even be game-changers in their businesses. There are many benefits to using Cloud ERP.

1.    Lower Costs of Ownership

This is still likely the strongest rationale for companies moving to cloud based ERP solutions. Software with a cloud base is much less expensive than conventional on-premises counterparts.

Cloud ERP software is especially valuable in allowing a diversion from capital investments and moving to day-to-day operating expenses. In other words, you don’t need to have a huge initial capital to own this.

This makes it a winning argument for manufacturers. Fixed subscription fees are reasonable, and companies save on updates and lower upfront investment.

2.    Mobile, Web-Based Global Access

Delivery of cloud ERP via the web is probably the most technically feasible method for many companies. Most users don’t likely care whether their software is sent via the web, and the mode of delivery is dependent on the customer’s preference. However, cloud-based ERP usually requires fewer parameters technically, and has a smaller footprint. It’s extremely helpful for manufacturers to be able to access their information from anywhere they might be.

3.    A Broader Range of Functionality

If your business is large and complex, your software requirements are more complicated, as well. You’ll require an ERP system that’s more sophisticated. Even on-premises software solutions have gathered extensive and unique knowledge of your business.

While some of these challenges may remain, Cloud ERP offers a greater breadth of functionality – this includes the ability to cross over to different functions within your organization which you never could in the past.

4.    Software that is Easily Integrated with other Applications

ERP manufacturing program integration has been increasingly difficult for companies that use more than one different system. Interfacing and integration errors and issues with data transfer are critical, common problems.

Using an Open source ERP as our base, like SmartB, it has revolutionize how we integrate with other systems and it is more easily function along with other systems, to reduce or eliminate these errors and issues.

5.    Greater Scalability and Flexibility

The higher levels of scalability and flexibility available with modern Cloud ERP software are strong points for manufacturing companies. There can be many user workplaces, only limited by technical restrictions.

SmartB also allows you to scale it up exponentially without losing time. Companies don’t have the need to manage their own server capacity, so they can simply have their software contract upgraded if they need more users on it. You can also scale down your number of users. This means that cloud solutions are much more flexible.

6.    SmartB Allows for Continuous Innovation

The best cloud ERP providers for manufacturers deliver better solutions. SaaS manufacturing platforms can be continuously innovated, delivering new features and updates in real time, which eliminates problems with upgrades and version issues.

When you’re with SmartB, your company will have the latest code and features, so you can focus your attention on your business. You won’t have to wrangle with outdated software or IT headaches.

When you evaluate cloud ERP solutions for your manufacturing company, consider the improvements you’d like to make, how much IT staffing you’ll need, and the savings that cloud ERP can offer your business. Having your ERP application updated constantly is one more thing you won’t have to worry about when your company uses Cloud ERP solutions.