If you’re a small business owner or manager, and want to improve your sales and customer service efficiency, you won’t be hit hard in the wallet to get a good CRM system. The free CRM software that is available is not nearly as useful in streamlining your business and making it more efficient.

If you truly wish to improve the way you market, sell or provide services to your customers, you need a robust CRM system with high-value functionality – SmartB is a good starting point. Your staff will need to be able to utilize the information provided, and it will make their jobs easier, too. It’s a team effort to create a more efficient business, and one that is more likely to grow.

Focus your CRM system selection in four main areas:

Data Consolidation

Your business receives information each day, via the internet, email, fax and, of course, by telephone. The imperative is having this information gathered into one single database, so your team members can have access to it, and then respond efficiently and swiftly to any customer inquiries. The best CRM systems do this exceedingly well.

Opportunity Management

For every company, regardless of what they market, sales are king. Your employees need to manage your sales cycle throughout the process from introduction to closure. Be sure that you choose a system that offers you the ability to fully customize your sales process with your requirements in mind. Customizing your sales process enables to more efficiently manage your sales cycle, and improve your sales forecasting significantly.

Customer Service

An effective CRM system will offer you its ability to store service history for every customer with which you deal. This is vitally important if you want to provide the highest quality service, to improve their overall buying experience. Your company will run more efficiently when your sales team can easily access all the information they need.

When you have all three of these aspects of your business running smoothly, you will have an easily accessed system that manages customer relationships. When one of your customers calls, each person in your company will have information readily available on who they are, what they have purchased, and their service call history, if they have one. This makes your company more efficient.

Efficiency & Profitability

If you are able to properly allocate your company resources, you can maintain a profitable, healthy business and get a better return on your investment. So, an efficient business is more profitable.

Your company needs top-of-the-line CRM software if you want to be as efficient and successful as you can possibly can be. Using papers and files or outdated CRM software means that you’re wasting money, time and energy. You need to know when any customer last purchased your products or services, in addition to what was actually purchased and it doesn’t help if your customer service team cannot find their invoices and receipts.

In the business world today, your business needs 24-hour access to customer data. It should also be quickly shared across space. Be sure that your business uses a CRM system that lets you pull the data you need, whenever you need it, in a speedy manner. Upgrading your business’ CRM will increase your efficiency and your profitability, too.