In layman terms, a series core controllers (SRCs) are robot controllers that we can use to control robots. They are more commonly known as universal controllers used for mobile robots (AMR etc) applications.

SRCs are great for providing mobile robots with core functions such as mapping, positioning and navigation, and model editing.  The product integrates the core components of mobile robots and works with relevant software to help users quickly deploy robots. 

This is great because, that means, the application of a robot can be easily expanded to different applications and industries. As the application increases, the benefits of implementing a robot in your factory would just increase exponentially.

The SRC can also gradually transform into a controller for smart factory infrastructures such as automatic charging stations, automatic doors, elevators, traffic lights, and more. By providing a unified dispatching interface framework, the SRC series core controller facilitates the intelligent transformation and enhanced automation of factories in a comprehensive manner.